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Helicopters are the most versatile flying machines in existence today and perfectly suited to jobs that other modes of transportation simply cannot accomplish. From aerial filming, photography and surveys, to executive and corporate charters, Connecticut Helicopter Charters can have you traveling at the speed of business. In this modern age, it's no longer good enough to be the best... You also have to be the fastest.

Connecticut Helicopter Charters can put you high above the traffic jams of Hartford, Bridgeport or Norwich and get you to your destination quickly, safely and easily. We have access to hundreds of locations all over Connecticut and can sometimes even land in the parking lot of your business. However, efficient and easy business travel is far from the only advantage of helicopters. They are also perfect for surveying land from above and can be equipped for photography or video. A helicopter is also a great solution to personal travel and we offer helicopter tours of Connecticut's great cities and favorite vacation and tourist hot spots.

We have customer service representatives available seven days a week to help you book your next helicopter charter. Discover how helicopters can help you conquer the skies of Connecticut by contacting Connecticut Helicopter Charters at 1-800-685-3719 today!

Helicopter Photo - Click to Expand!
Helicopter Photo - Click to Expand!
Helicopter Photo - Click to Expand!

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